The Why
Providing quality health care is an ongoing challenge:

  • Time is always limited.
  • Patients can be complex.
  • A single patient often has a team of clinicians

Yet communicating and coordinating among these team members is hard, within a single organization and/or across care settings.

There is no universal common sense way to organize a patient’s key information. Therefore, the simple idea, the Siebens Domain Management Model (SDMM), has real potential to help clinicians by providing a standard structure in their daily practice.

I, along with other advocates, are committed to sharing this simple idea with the widest possible audience given benefits achieved to date. Most notably they can include better outcomes with fewer resources. Given successful applications on both small and large scales, I collaborate with a wide variety of clients.

The How
There are many ways to collaborate – site visits, phone calls, interactive talks/lectures, webinars, etc.

Through introducing the SDMM concepts and building on prior dissemination experiences, clients become familiar with possible applications in their care processes. They compare what they have with the SDMM. Invariably there are “Eureka” moments in which improvements in current systems are envisioned.

Possible re-designs of information organization are drafted with organizations’ leaders and expert clinicians. These re-designs can be tested. If deemed successful, best next steps or new applications can be considered. This method uses each organization’s own significant expertise to understand if specific improvements are possible (or not). 

The Fees
All fees are designed to help implement the Siebens Domain Management Model as widely and cost-effectively as possible. The overall goal is the improvement of patient care by building on organizations’ existing strengths.

Each consultation is tailored to the specific client. Please contact us to learn more about our organization, services offered, and schedule of fees.